Simulation de vol Battle of Stalingrad
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 News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2

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R One
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MessageSujet: News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2   Ven 12 Mar 2010 - 9:38

Dear IL-2 fans,

Since the release of patch 4.09, Daidalos Team has been working on the next official patch 4.10. We have done a substantial progress already and we would like to start showing you our latest development and gradually revealing the content of the patch until its release.

All the official updates for patch 4.10 are going to be shown in this first post, please use the rest of the thread for comments and questions.

We would like to emphasize that everything we are showing here has WIP status and is not a finished yet. Please take it into account.

Thank you.

Daidalos Team

4.10 Patch Overview - updated weekly
- all listed planning and content is subject to change by DT or 1C/MG

*** For High-Res videos, please go to ***

Development Update - 2010-03-11

Multi-Crew option on dogfight servers

One of the main advantages of coop mission mode over dogfight servers is the ability for human players to man together the multi-crew planes. We are about to change this. The following video demonstrates work that is currently being undertaken to bring multi-crew option to dedicated/dogfight online games. This feature is still in development but if the testing is successful and we don't find any major issue, we are aiming to release it in patch 4.10. More info to come...

Increased DM of bridges + winter version

Rework of bridges includes:

1) Fixed a bug which caused misses up to 100m to register as direct hits

2) Increased toughness of bridges. Rail and Highway bridge types will most likely be immune
to anything smaller than SC250 kg bombs as historical evidence suggests. Still WIP.

3) While we were at it, we added support for bridge winter skins on winter maps and retextured summer skins.

Development Update - 2010-03-04

Structural G Limits & Multiple Joystick Profiles (internal DT development)

At present all aircraft in IL2 have a single fixed Structural G limit of +13G. It only really becomes an issue with aircraft with exceptionally light elevators such as the P51. Pull more than +13G and you loose your wings. The real life situation is a little more complicated. Real aircraft are designed with an Ultimate load and In Service design load. Both are for a defined configuration and weight.

The in Service load is the typical G available to the pilot. As long as this the G is not exceeded then no aircraft damage will occur. Exceed the In service G limit then damage of varying degrees may occur .. like bent airframes etc. Exceed the Ultimate load then severe damage will occur typically resulting in structural failure ... like wings coming off etc.Typically a safety factor of 1.5 is used. So an Fighter aeroplane with a design In service G limit of say +8G will have an Ultimate load of +12G. As external stores and or weight is increased above the design weight both G limits reduce accordingly. Reduce weight (by dropping bombs or burning fuel etc) and your G limits increase. Bomber and Transport aircraft have G limits much lower than fighters.
So if you abuse the limits you damage the aircraft. Once damaged then its structural integrity is reduced so the ultimate load reduces as well. In other words keep bending the airframe and you will eventually weaken it to the point that very little extra G is required to induce structural failure. A bent airframe wont perform as well either.

The DT team have now simulated this for the first time in IL2. Each aircraft has been given a unique Structural G profile for Ultimate load, In service limit, and dynamic Weight based limits . In addition this is dynamically modified with its own G induced damage profile. The basic Design Ultimate load configuration and weight has been defined as Default load + 100% Fuel. The actual Ultimate design load has been based on Historical values where they are known and guesstimation where they are not known. In broad brush terms for fighters have an Ultimate design load of +12G with an In service limit of +8G. Lets abbreviate this to 8G/12G

How does this work in game ? You take your stock standard Fighter MK 1 with Default armament +100% Fuel your limits are +8G/+12G. You add 2 x 500lbs bombs. your limits now reduce to 5G/8G. So prior to the target you need to be a little more careful with your aeroplane. Lets say pre target you pull + 6G, you have exceeded the In service limit, you will hear a damage sound cue and suffer a slight aerodynamic penalty. In addition your G limits have now reduced to say 4G/6G. (Bust these again and further aerodynamic penalties and further reductions will apply). You progress to the target and release your bombs. Since the weight is reduced your limits will increase but since you already bent the airframe you wont get back your original limits. You might then get say +6G/+9G. As you can see if you keep abusing the limits you will end with a very weakened airframe.

In the case of heavy bombers G limits will prevent any real aerobatic manoeuvers. You will still be able to evade quite well but you wont be able to BFM with aeroplanes like the A20 anymore. Bombers will be just that: Bombers. G limits will be applicable to AI planes as well and they will fly in a more realistic way too.

Is G displayed? Unless the aircraft in game is equipped with a G meter then no. So you will need to re think how you fly. Random snatches particularly at high speeds are going to hurt .... just as they do in real life. You will need to be aware of Corner speeds because any time you are faster than Corner speed you run the risk of an Over G event. (We are yet to finalise the display side of things)

Coupled with this is a new Joystick module that allows the player to save and store up to 4 different stick sensitivity routines. These can all be adjusted or loaded in the arming screen. So once you have selected your aeroplane type you can select your customised stick profile.

We understand that such an important development in the sim's FM needs a thorough testing. We are cooperating with a group of real life pilots who are doing a fantastic job testing this new core feature with us. Salute!

Tester 1
14,500hrs flying Command Ratings on the following types
PA28,C172,Winjeel, Macchi MB326,MirageIII,F18,Boeing 767,Boeing 747-400,A330,A380
*Was Fighter Combat Instructor on Mirage III and F18 , now A380 Captain)

Tester 2
7000hrs rated on the following types:
CAP-10,C182,PA28,C152,BE76,Boeing 737,Boeing 767,A380
(Has full aerobatic rating now First Officer on A380)

Tester 3
Unknown number of hours very knowledgeable Private pilot.

Tester 4
Unknown number of hours. Former Military test pilot with ratings on more aircraft than one could ever dream of, and a Graduate of the Empire test pilots School (ETPS).

The Slot map by Team Pacific (3rd party development)

An important addition to Pacific war scenario.

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R One
Enfin content !

Nombre de messages : 8041
Age : 43
Date d'inscription : 31/07/2005

MessageSujet: Re: News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2   Ven 12 Mar 2010 - 9:45

Pour résumer et faire super court pour ceux qui ne causent pas l'English :

- en session Dogfight, on pourra voler à plusieurs sur le même avion sur des postes différents évidemment. C'était déjà possible en coop.

- amélioration des dégâts de ponts, et nouvelle skin été et spécifique hiver pour les cartes hiver. Avant, quelque soit la saison, nous avions que des ponts "été" !!
Maintenant c'est fini et c'est grâce à bibi (et oui, j'ai rempilé) ...

- 4 profils joystick pourront être sauvegarder dans IL2 et accessible depuis le fenêtre de choix des armes. Une bonne alternative à IL2 stick.

- les avions pourront casser spontanément sous le facteur de G. Chaque avion aura ses propres limites et elles seront abaissées en fonction de l'emport. Par exemple prenez un chasseur qui peut encaisser 10G avant de se rompre, une fois chargé de 2 bombes de 250 kg, cette limite passera à 6G (exemple fictif).

- l'ajout officiel de la carte THE SALOMONS créée il y a déjà pas mal de temps sur AAA.

Voilà pour résumer en quelques phrases.

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N°4 en formation !

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MessageSujet: Re: News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2   Ven 12 Mar 2010 - 10:04

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Langue pendue

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MessageSujet: Re: News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2   Ven 12 Mar 2010 - 11:05

bien bien!!!

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P-40's Lover

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MessageSujet: Re: News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2   Ven 12 Mar 2010 - 11:10

Que du bon

J'aime bien cette carte Salomon.


J'en connais une qui en prenait au petit déjeuner
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MessageSujet: Re: News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2   

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News sur le prochain PATCH 4.10 d'IL2
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